Style Packages

Contemporary Style:
The Contemporary Style features softened clean lines as opposed to the stark lines seen in Modern design. Furnishings and cabinetry have simple streamlined looks with no ornamentation. The color palette is neutral tone-on-tone with accents of sleek metals and punches of color.

Vogue, Natural Walnut, Finished in Clear Aura, Natural Alder, Finished in Clear Trillogy, 1/4 Sawn White Oak, Finished in Pickled White Mirage, Natural Maple, Finished in Walnut Abstraction, Natural Maple, Finished in Olive Millenium, Natural Lyptus, Finished in Clear Forte, Natural Maple, Finished in Taupe Soho, Natural Maple, Finished in Clear

Old World Style:
The Old World Style encompasses many variations on traditional European design style elements. This includes antiquing, heavy ornamental and painted finishes. The color palette ranges from warm muted tones to rich vibrant colors.

Empire, Rustic Cherry, Finished in Russett Caeser, Natural Birch, Finished in Cider w/ Glaze Imperial, Natural Maple, Antique White w/ Glaze Canterbury, Natrual Maple, Olive w/ Glaze York, Rustic Alder, Finished in Nutmeg Oxford, Natural Alder, Clear w/ Glaze Stonehenge, Natural Walnut, Finished in Clear Plymouth, Natural Maple, Antique White

Traditional Style:
The Traditional Style emphasizes classic detailing and time-honored design elements like raised panels and crown molding. The color palette leans towards warm wood tones and rich colors.

Poe, Natural Cherry, Finished in Cinnamon w/ Glaze Hawthorne, Natural Cherry, Finished in Cleary w/ Traditional Cherry Rope Twain, Natural Maple, Finished in Soft Yellow Dickinson, Select Alder, Finished in Meadow Franklin, Natural Birch, Finished in Cider Melville, Natural Cherry, Finished in Clear Emerson, Natural Red Oak, Finished in Springbrook Irving, Natural Walnut, Finished in Walnut

Lodge Style:
The Lodge Style is typified by the use of natural materials. Woods are left in the rustic state with knots and wormholes. Cabinetry and furnishings are substantial and embellishments are kept simple.

Mayfield, Natural Red Birch, Finished in Nutmeg Lakefield, Rustic Red Oak, Finished in Clear Bakersfield, Rustic Hickory, Finished in Clear Woodfield, Knotty White Pine, Finished in Clear Deerfield, Natural Hickory, Finished in Clear Plainfield, Rustic Hickory, Finished in Cider

Mission Style:
The Mission Style emphasizes clean, simple lines. Cabinetry and furnishings feature simple rectangular and grid patterns. The color palette features muted reds, greens and brown. Themes include the colors of nature.

Americana, Natural Maple, Finished in Autumn Prairie, Natural Maple, Finished in Traditional Cherry Craftsman, 1/4 Sawn White Oak, Finished in Autumn Morris, Select Lyptus, Finished in Harvest Mission, Natural Hickory, Finished in Pecan Bungalow, Natural Red Oak, Finished in Meadow

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