Frequently Asked Questions

We're ready to start picking out cabinets, doors and trim for our home. Where do we start?
For most homeowners, building and remodeling are exciting and confusing. So many choices in features and design; figuring out how to establish a budget, shopping smart to get the best possible value for your dollar. As experienced suppliers of wood products for kitchens, baths and rooms throughout the home, we'll share our knowledge with you. Just make an appointment with a Cabinetry Plus designer we'll describe the steps from selection to installation for you and answer all your questions about design, function and cost.

What if I need the whole room designed?
We're experts in designing cabinets, doors, trim and wood features. And, we work with knowledgeable and trustworthy general contractors in the area every day. We can refer you to a general contractor for the overall design and construction while we work with you on your wood features.

I'm stuck on style. Can you help me make sense of all the choices?
Yes - part of our service is to support you from the first choices. Start with our Style Packages and showroom to see it all. Cabinetry Plus Style Packages are compiled by our designers, who closely follow industry trends and changes in American lifestyles. We'll show you pictures grouped in distinct packages that reflect cohesive design. We'll ask you questions about the look and feel you want your home to give. With a little diagnostic work, you can hone your personal style and comfortably make selections on wood species, millwork details, color and finish.

How long will it take?
Scheduling is a critical piece of your new home puzzle. If you have a contractor, we'll work directly with him or her to meet a delivery date based on when the subcontractors have everything necessary in place. Even when things get off track, we're small enough and flexible enough to work around changes to make sure our products don't delay you.

If you're managing your own project, we'll gather key dates from you and provide a firm date for delivery and installation. You'll know when we'll be on your doorstep!

Isn't custom really expensive?
Not necessarily. Compare the quality, wide range of features and personalized professional experience you get with Custom Cabinetry to off-the-shelf products and you'll find the prices are similar. When you compare prices, Cabinetry Plus orders include:

  • Measuring and Design
  • Products
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Project Coordination (with contractors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, flooring and countertop installers)

Can you design and manufacture specialized cabinetry?
Wine rack? Odd cubbies and corners? Funky soffits or ceilings? Specialized appliance garages? We can make it all fit because each piece is made one at a time. Custom means high quality and it means built to your unique needs.

Is the work and product guaranteed?
All Cabinetry Plus products are guaranteed for life.

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