Why Us?

Selecting the cabinets, doors, trim and wood accents for your renovation or new home can be thrilling and a little daunting. With today's emphasis on home design, we know you want to make the right choices to create a home that comforts you and welcomes guests, all within your building budget. The answer is Cabinetry Plus's custom wood products selected with the support of dedicated customer care.

At Cabinetry Plus we believe every customer deserves custom service and products. You're greeted at our showroom door like a friend. We won't abandon you to wander in endless concrete aisles or extol our lofty ideas about what you 'should' choose because it's some magazine's trend.

As a custom cabinetry manufacturer, we let you explore your sense of style with no limits. You select everything from the wood species, stain color, finishes and details that reflect a time period or architectural style, and functional elements that help you live and entertain with ease and charm. Need suggestions on what goes with your existing rooms or Grandma's heirloom dining set? Our on-site designers can make recommendations that create a sense of harmony. Need ideas to turn that useless little corner of the kitchen into useful space? Our designers and craftsmen will work together to design a perfect nook to store your gadgets.

From the nuts and bolts of measuring to the details of design and production all the way through installation with minimal hassle at home, Cabinetry Plus treats you like a one-of-a-kind customer.

Visit Cabinetry Plus to experience the satisfaction of custom care and custom products – your clients will thank you for it!

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