Our Unique Process

Cabinetry Plus starts with only the highest quality wood from established lumber companies. The wood patiently waits in the 40,000 square foot manufacturing and design facility for a customer's ideas to begin its unique journey to a home. Nearly 30 skilled staff members are ready to take each piece to create the package for the home. Each order is treated as a set to assure perfectly matched wood, color and finish. All pieces, except millwork, are manufactured on site.

Hi-tech tools work alongside time-honored handcraft techniques. Parts and pieces are cut by precision machines then assembled by hand. A new automated dual cure finishing system speeds drying time to shorten delivery time and guarantees durable, light and moisture resistant finishes and perfect matches among all the pieces.

Customers and Cabinetry Plus design staff sit together to review ideas, uses and possibilities. We document the practical side and the design.

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